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Ishtar-Horchat hai caliptus(BG translation)

Horchat Hai Caliptus

Kshe Ima Bah Ahena
Yafa Utzeira
Mos Az Aha Al Give A Bana Hahait

Halfu Haavivim
Hatzi Meah Avra
Vetaltalim Halchu Ciba Beintaim

*Aval Al Hof Yarden
Kemo Meumal Lo Kara
Ata Adumia
Vegam Ota Ata Horad

Horchat Hai Caliptus
Hagesher Lasira
Vereah Hamaluah Al hamaim

Horchat Hai Caliptus
Hagesher Lasira
Vereah Hamaluah Al hamaim

Bashville Hine Yoredet
Edat Hatinokot
Hem Bayarden Yeshachshechu Raglaim

Gadlu Hatinokot
Kvar Lamdu Lizchol
V'shnei Hanearim
Poseem Beshnaim

The title translates to "The Calyptus Wood"

The Eucaliptus Forest

When mother came here
beautiful and young
then Dad built her a house on a hill.
The springs passed
half a century passed
and curls(of hair) aged (became white) in this time.

But on the shore of Jordan
Nothing great happened
The same silence
the same place

The Eucaliptus forest
the bridge and the boat
and the salty smell above the water (*2)

Here it comes down the trail,
the group of babies
They are in Jordan paddling with their legs.
The babies have grown up
they've already learnt to crawl
and the youths
are strolling in pairs

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